CRIT or SH*T Dice Set - Voodoo Ranger UK

CRIT or SH*T Dice Set

CRIT or SH*T Dice Set


This set of seven Voodoo Ranger dice will bring a dose of Rangerousness to your next role playing game night. Roll well for Crit, but roll badly and you’ll get Sh*t. The tools that decide the fate of your quest come in a cute little drawstring bag featuring the face of everyone’s favourite spokescreature and rogue, Voodoo Ranger. The set includes:

1x D4 (19mm)

1x D6 (19mm)

1x D8 (19mm)

1x D10 (19mm)

1x D12 (19mm)

1x D20 (19mm)

1x D100 (19mm)

1x Voodoo Ranger Branded Drawstring Bag