Voodoo Ranger

Half Man, half myth. All IPA.

You can’t spell IPA without Voodoo Ranger. Well actually you can, but should you? Originally launched in 2017 by world-renowned New Belgium Brewing, Voodoo Ranger is now one of the best-selling IPA brands in America and is the second largest IPA brand family by total volume. From the bold Imperial IPA to the smooth drinking Juicy Haze IPA, Voodoo Ranger has a great tasting IPA for every occasion.

But just who is Voodoo Ranger? Dashing, daring and down-right handsome, Voodoo Ranger is the world’s most interesting spokescreature. When he’s not skydiving with sharks or greco-Roman wrestling with grizzly bears, you can find him playing high-stakes poker with Jean Claude Van-Damme in the basement of a German underground techno club called “Spicé”.

One thing he does take seriously is his beer. The amazingly aromatic, tropical-tasting Hazy IPA brewed exclusively in the UK is no exception.

Grab life by the hops and Live Rangerously.